Idea 036: 5 Ways to Make Decisions

In our lives we need to make a lot of decisions, most of them are based on our personalities, moods, strengths and weaknesses. For example, when we decide what to eat today, we will make decision based on our mood at that moment.

Know Ourselves

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In order to make the right calls, we should learn how to know ourselves better.

Some people know themselves very well. They know what they like and dislike. The HR manager, Peggy, of my company is one of those people. She really knows what she likes and what she dislike.

For example, she loves outdoor activities, so she always goes out with her friends, enjoys the nature, takes a lot of photos of hiking, wakeboarding, etc and shares those photos to others.

Besides, she can always decide what to eat every day, instead of thinking for a long time but still couldn’t pick a restaurant.

If we are like Peggy, then congratulation and I think we can just see this blog post as reference. If we don’t, then what I am going to say might be a game changer to us.

I am going to show you how to understand more about yourself, so that when you need to make any decisions based on your personalities, strengths and weaknesses, you can make better ones.

We Are Making Decisions Every Seconds

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What exact decisions are we talking about here? For example, imagine we were about to finish University, we needed to decide what kind of work we were going to pick.

Most of the people would pick the job based on the degree they got. For example, if we studied Accounting, we might want to start our career in Accounting Field.

However, some of the people just wanted to try something different from the degree they completed, but they might not be able to pick an appropriate one because they really didn’t know themselves very well even after living for 20+ years in this society.

This is one of the big decisions we will make in our lives. In fact, we are making decision every seconds. If we don’t know ourselves just like them, what should we do?

1. Make Our Own Schedule

Most of the time we think we don’t understand ourselves, but we actually do subconsciously. What we always do in our daily lives reflect what kind of people we are.

For example, David has a relatively standardized life. Every day, he always spend an hour on reading books, another hour on working out, another hour on watching sport channels, etc.

Based on his regular life, if he needs to look for jobs, I would recommend him to choose some jobs with regular job duties.

For example, Amanda doesn’t like to plan. She always follows her heart and does whatever she wants based on the mood at that particular moment. If she feels blue, she might just want to lie on the bed and do nothing; if she feels excited, she might buy a flight ticket and go to a short trip on her own immediately.

Based on her free style life, I would recommend her to run her own business if she is struggling on whether she should be entrepreneur or she should just work in a company. Obviously, the former can bring her more freedom.

Our lives are structured based on what we really are. If we are boring people, our lives will be kind of boring, which means we might be able to do some repeated work. If we are born-writer, our lives will be full of books and blogs-writing, which means we might go down to the path where we can do something related to words.

If we can keep our own schedule (eg, using Google calendars, handwritten calendars, etc), we can trace back our lives and understand more about ourselves.

2. What We Love? and What We Hate?

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There is simple way to make decision – Just do something we love.

Although it is not 100% true, but most of the time (>80%), we will make good decisions if we do what we love.

For example, if we like to eat, we probably like delicious food and cooking., and you also have some talent to distinguish tasty food from disgusting food (eg, good tongue). It is obvious that you might be good at cooking, or you should even become a chef.

For example, if we are really good at computer games (not just always play it but we can also enter the top 100 list of the game), we should consider to join a e-sports professional gaming team, or join gaming company as one of the game developers.

In other words, if we love something, we tend to achieve success at that area eventually. Of course I have reason to say that “only 80% of the time we will make good decision” – sometimes we need to do something we hate to be successful, because something we hate might be something useful to us at the same time.

For example, Peter hates to work out in gym because it is too hard to him. However, because of this reason, he should go to gym so that he can overcome this difficulty and raise his life to another level.

3. Find Out Our ONE WORD

What is ONE WORD? Here Evan explains this concept to us.

Most of the time we don’t make right decision because we don’t know our ONE WORD…yet. We should have created a ONE WORD for ourselves when we are growing. All we need to do is to consolidate our mind to find this ONE WORD.

My ONE WORD is learning because I like to learn. Therefore, whenever there is something good for learning I should do it, which means doing it will be a good decision for me.

For example, Charles’ ONE WORD is money. He believes money is the king and he wants to earn A LOT of money. As a result, when he wants to make a career-related decision, he only need to consider what he does will bring him the maximum amount of money.

For example, Angela’s ONE WORD is family. Family is everything in her life and she will never betray her family. As a result, when she needs to decide where to go with her family, she can consider some places that she can spend most of the time with her family. (eg, some countries with theme park so that she can play with her family?)

ONE WORD is the summary of our lives, our personalities, our everything. It won’t be necessary to be a single word – we can make it a short sentence. If just shows us the way of lives we choose to have.

4. Use our true friends

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Sometimes we might lie to ourselves. For example, we might lie to ourselves that we have no time to do exercises because we are too busy. However, the truth might be because we are too lazy.

We might reject some job offers, thinking that we cannot learn new things from it, or we think we are not suitable for it. However, deep down we know that it is because we simply want to earn more money from other opportunities.

However, most of the time our true friends can see all these. Not normal friends but true friends.

They might not know ourselves as much as we do, but they are always looking at us, subconsciously taking notes of what kind of words we tend to use, what kind of food we tend to order, what type of boys and girls we are paying attention to.

They are not stalkers, but they simply want to know more about us so as to keep the friendship.

That is why when we need some advice for making any decision, if we don’t mind to ask for help, ask our true friends. They know how to put themselves into our shoes and give us some useful advice.

5. Start Our Own Blog / Vlog

We can use writing to sharpen our thought and tidy up our ideas. Let’s see what Tim Ferriss said:

For me, starting my own blog is the most effective way of organizing my thought. I am not trying to win any prizes or to write some educational articles, but I am just using this blog to record my life.

Every time when I read my old articles I know more about my thought back then. I can also get back some of the ideas that I might totally forget already and might be useful to me now.

Most of the time we don’t understand ourselves because we have too much thought. Just recall when we were studying in colleague, when we learnt a new knowledge, we learnt it piece by piece until we sit for the exam.

We thought we might be OK in the exam but it turned out not. We thought that it might be because we don’t understand that subject well, but the truth is that we just haven’t organized the knowledge that we learnt into a big picture yet.

Blog serves the same function here. It helps us to consolidate our experiences, ideas, insight, feelings, personalities, etc, into a one big picture. When our readers read our blogs, they can know what kind of person we are.

When WE read our own blogs repeatedly, WE can understand ourselves more.

If we don’t think we are a writer, we may try vlog. I think as long as we find a way to gather our ideas and thoughts, it will be OK.

For those who are still concerned about the writing skills or presentation skills, I would only give out one advice.


Don’t Afraid of Making Decisions

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This is so far the longest English blog posts in this blog. Before I wrote this I was concerned if it is the right call to do it. “People might not have time to read?”, “People might see more mistakes from my writing if it’s too long?”

Eventually I decided to write this long post simply because (based on the above ways)

  1. my one word is learning. I know this long blog post can deliver this message to others
  2. I like sharing my ideas to others, no matter it’s good or bad.
  3. I want to gather more of my ideas into this blog, so that some days in the future I might get some new insight from it.

There is no point of being afraid of making decision and eventually do nothing. Most of the time, we can only see if the decision is good or bad AFTER we make that decision. Therefore, just do it.


If you have any questions or have anything things to share, you can reach out to me via email

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