Idea 035: Live Big and Get Remembered

Years ago, my boss asked me if I wanted to put my face on the annual report. For that year the senior management wanted to show some of the colleagues faces in the company’s annual report. I said yes, but deep down I was so afraid to do that…

It Is Just a Photo

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It is because I didn’t think I was suitable to do so.

There were no special reasons why they accepted me. They simply wanted to encourage their colleagues to join it, regardless of their position and their nature of work.

Of course they tended to pick someone with good looking.

Later some of my friends saw the annual report. They said I looked like one of the private tutors on the big commercial board outside the shopping mall. They thought it was funny and I also laughed at myself for doing such silly things.

Today when I recall this memory, along with the laughs, I also find that I saw myself so small back then. Why on earth would I ever doubt myself if I was suitable to show up in the annual report? After all, it is just a photo in a single page.

Actually I know what is going on here – I didn’t see myself big before.

I used lived small in the old days. Although I have already improved a lot, sometimes I still thought I am a small potato and don’t deserve big success in my life.

That is silly. THAT IS REALLY SILLY.

Live Big, Stop Thinking Small

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Ed Mylett is one of my favourite successful entrepreneurs in the America. Despite some of his controversial background (He is the Head Marketing Director of World Financial Group (WFG), which is the multi-level marketing company and is claimed to be a scam), I really enjoy his speeches and his video.

In one of his interview by Gerard Adams, he talked about the problem of living small. Here is what he said.

Actually it might be the culture of eastern people to think small and live small. Being one of the eastern people, I used to see myself as replaceable parts of a big system. Instead of believing in doing something great, I tend to look down on myself, stay behind the scene, or even escape from the crowd and let others to enjoy the spot light.

After watching Ed Mylett’s interview, I total agree with what he said, “…You’re supposed to do something great with your life. You were put here for a purpose. Your way, the way you were born, the way you were raised, your background, your experiences, your giftedness, all prepared you in your way for right now and you’re supposed to do something great with your life…

Yes, we are all different from each other, with different background, experience or even lives. We are THE special individual and no one can replicate our lives. Shouldn’t this be the main reason we should do something great with our lives?

…You weren’t born here to be average and ordinary…your’re in control…you can change your life! …you will never do it wrong if your decision is to do the bigger thing than the smaller thing!

This is the exact reason why I start this blog. I have already spent a quarter of my life being mediocre. Yes I can keep living in easy way and escape from big challenges and failures, but that’s not what I want.

I want to achieve something and leave something behind after I die. I want to try my best and do something big in my life. Now I am using this blog to achieve this goal.

Achieving Real Greatness and Being Remembered

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Life is SO SHORT. If we want to be remembered, which we always want by our friends and families, we need to achieve real greatness.

For me, real greatness is not only about being successful in businesses or earning millions of dollars, it is also about influencing others’ lives.

Here is what Tom Bilyeu, one of the greatest entrepreneurs in America, said in his personal show “Impact Theory”:

He said, “…you have to understand that in the beginning we are all terrible and as Henri Cartier-Bresson said that,”Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst”, and so the thing that really makes great art are the people that continue to push and the people that continue to work and face how inadequate they are…

It is true that, in order to achieve real greatness, we all need to work repeatedly until we win the games. We will not do great job in the first hundreds times, but it is OK because no one is born to be successful, not even geniuses.

…as Marianne rad maker said, “Courage isn’t always war. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying I will try again tomorrow.” That’s it if you want to be great. That is, when you have to do, you’ve got to get up again tomorrow; you’ve got to be willing to face another day; you’ve got to be willing to accept that you’ve got to get through the bad ideas before you can get to the good…

…if you want to achieve real greatness, you just need to have the courage to show up every day, take another swing, take another photo, try another task, do something that scares you and do those little things over and over and over until you win...”

This is why I keep writing this blog even though I have got NO visitors before. Even now I only have a few every day, but this doesn’t stop me from writing. In fact, this encourages me to learn and to improve myself, hoping that someday I can write good articles that can bring a lot of insight to others.

I want my blog posts to be impacting others even after I no longer living in this world.

These two videos has brought to me a lot of insight. I hope they can bring some insight to you as well. Hope you enjoy them!


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