Idea 032: Learning From (Un)successful People

People always say that we should learn from successful people because they have gone through a lot of failure and finally achieve success. Meanwhile, we should not listen to what unsuccessful people say….But why not?

Ignore the Unsuccessful People?

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“It is simple – because they don’t know how to become successful after all they have done.” People tend to reply like this.

For example, if we want to earn more money, we should listen to those millionaires rather than normal people because millionaires have proved that what they have done really brought them money.

If we want to build up a good body shape, we should look for personal trainers with good body shapes, rather than some skinny or fat personal trainers who might not go to gym room every day.

It seems logical, but if we think deeper, we might see something unreasonable. For example, who can prove that the millionaires who teach us how to get rich really make use of the skills that they are going to teach us to get rich? Maybe he is rich because he was born in rich families? Or Maybe he is rich because he was so lucky to purchase a few real estate in economic recession.

For example, who can prove that the personal trainers built up their good body shapes with their knowledge? Maybe they used some medicines to help? or Maybe they were born with perfect bodies that hard to get fatty?

Most importantly, the knowledge that is taught by those millionaires and those personal trainers is probably from different kind of books and experience sharing. In other words, they can get those knowledge regardless of how much money they have earned or how good their body shapes are?

The key here is the knowledge.

The Key is the Knowledge

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Is it possible that some NBA coaches are fat and don’t play the basketball well? Definitely! Then why they can still be the NBA coaches? Because they have the knowledge to win the games! They don’t play basketball well just because they are lack of training, they are too old or they have some health issues. That doesn’t mean they are not qualified as coaches.

Is it possible that someone knows how to enjoy food but don’t know how to cook? Of course! They may have the best taste and know what are the best combinations of different tastes, but they might not even know how to use knives.

In other words, sometimes when we have the knowledge to do something, is it OK that we don’t know how to do something, as long as we know how to deliver the knowledge to others.

It is because most of the knowledge in this world is not new, and they have already been proven to be useful.

So what are the keys to success? Work hard and work smart, have to-do attitudes, don’t procrastinate, never settle, setting big goal and tinny goals, achieve small success step by step…..there are so many keys to success that I can come up with in seconds, even I haven’t done so many of them.

Am I successful person? I am not dare to say that. However, why I know the key to success? Because I learn from others.

Failure Doesn’t Mean the Knowledge is Wrong

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Most of the time we cannot achieve something because of different factors like bad luck, bad environment, family issue, health issue, etc.

Some people may see those factors as excuses, because they think as long as people try their best, they can get everything done. Of course strong mindset is important, but we also need to know how to make judgement – judging whether the hurdles in front of us can be easily jumped over, or those are actually a high hill that we cannot jump over on our own.

Let’s say we are stopped by some uncontrollable factors and cannot achieve what we want to achieve. However, we have the knowledge. Do you think we are qualify to teach others?

I strongly believe that the answer is positive.

This is actually the core of my way of learning – I don’t JUST learn from successful people. I learn from ALL SORTS OF PEOPLE. As long as they share the knowledge that I believe it is right to get something done, I am willing to learn from them.

Same logic here – I am willing to share what I have learnt that can become successful, even I am not successful…yet. I truly believe what I share will lead to success, it is just a matter of time.

So next time when you hear someone say “don’t listen to someone because they have been failing in their lives… should listen to me who is so successful now”, I suggest you can still hear what he / she says, but never see him / her as learning targets.


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