Idea 026: Time to Learn!

I am sure the past few months are one of the critical moments of human history – people all over the world are fighting against the Coronavirus. Most of us might need to spend some time indoor to avoid close contact,and I believe this is that best time for us to learn.

Less outdoor activities, more indoor learning

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To fight against this Coronavirus outbreak, some of the countries have forbidden their citizen to go out for work or limited their outdoor activities.

For example, the Singapore government doesn’t allow most of their citizen to work. Also, the England and Italy governments also announced emergency coronavirus measures on travel restrictions, ban on public gatherings, etc.

In Hong Kong, some companies allows their employees to work from home, so as to make sure their employees staying away from the crowd and minimize the chance of getting infected. Even some companies still ask their employees to work at office, the employees will stay more at home after work.

In other words & in a funny way, we are becoming nerds. Although we cannot control this coronavirus or how the governments or our employers do in this situation, we CAN control ourselves how to use the time at home!

We can choose to play mobile games, sleep or watching TV while we are staying at home, but if we really care of our lives and careers, why don’t we take this as an opportunity of learning?

Of course I am not talking about spending all the time on learning.

I do know that some of us have some mental issue when handling this coronavirus outbreak, for example, worried about being fired or worried about getting the disease. In that case we can just spend some of the time at home on learning.

Just take a small step at a time, and accumulate it to a big success.

What to learn? Just use the Internet!

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So when you have adjusted your mindset and you are getting ready to learn, you should start thinking what to learn. Learning actually doesn’t cost a lot of money, and it could be done for free because there are a lot of free content online.

Of course they might not be in-depth but I believe it it enough to provide your with beginners’ knowledge. Once you are interested in some topics, you can learn more by paying some money on certain books or media and get in-depth knowledge.

For example, although I am a qualified accountant, I always believe that I need to learn marketing because marketing is one of the key essence of running business.

If one wants to have sales, one needs to use appropriate marketing tools to attract customers. Without proper marketing knowledge, one cannot be successful in the business.

This is one of the free courses on Youtube that I found about digital marketing.

This marketing coach has said something awesome – he said we don’t need to spend a fortune on courses to learn a topic, all we need is to have a learning attitude first.

Yes, learning is not about a certificate or a degree, but about a right mindset and execution.

If you think this is too boring, you can also learn other things in a funny way. For example, if you have subscribed Netflix, you can start watching some movies, dramas or stand-up comedies. However, don’t use the Chinese subtitles, or even don’t use any subtitles, while you are watching. This will help you improve your English listening skills and the way foreigners speaking in English.

Watching stand-up comedies can also learn how to present stories, how to attract people’s attention or even how to do public speaking.

There are other things we can learn when you stay at home, for example, learning how to cook, how to draw, or how to do exercises outside gym room. Just randomly pick one and start learning, and that might help us overcome some hardship in the future, or even bring us business ideas!


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