Idea 024: Addiction to Others’ Approval

Almost ALL of my friends are working for others. Some of them are working in large corporations and earning large sum of money. Some of them are just working in normal companies but can always enjoy work life balance. When I try to talk to them about running my own business, they always ask me to think it through.

Obsession of being approved

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The first question I always heard was, “Do you have sufficient money to start your business?” Yes, that is true. In Hong Kong, the rental is so high that normal people might not be affordable. People who wants to run business in Hong Kong needs to make sure they have enough money to pay the rent.

Although I am always thinking about online business, I do think that it is important to have sufficient capital, especially when no one will pay for the hard work like working in companies.

The second question was, “Do you have any ideas?” Yes, that is also true. We cannot just run business because we want to, we have to find out the product or service we are going to deliver to other people. Besides, it is very hard to decide the perfect product or service when there are already A LOT of choices out there.

So after the third, the forth, and the fifth questions, I was convinced that I should not make any decision so recklessly, and then went back to my usual life, working from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm.

It just like I have been asking for approval from others for what I want to do.

Looking For More Opinions? Or Just Asking For Approval?

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I always tell myself that the main reason that I seek for others’ opinions is that I don’t want to make wrong decisions. I am well aware of some of my blind spots that will not give me sufficient information to make decision.

For example, I have never been running my own business before. Even though I read a lot of books about entrepreneurship and listening to a lot of successful entrepreneurs’ sharing, most of them are the successful stories. There are so many entrepreneurs who finally fail for tens of thousands of time behind the sense, but it is very hard for us to see those failure (because people always focus on successful ones).

Besides, I somehow need to take responsibility to my actions. If I just follow my heart and start my own business, and then it fails, how am I able to take care of my family?

“Yes, I am sure I should hear from others before taking any actions.” This seems reasonable….NOT.

If I step back and see the whole picture, I can see I am just using an excuse of “looking for more opinions” to ask for others approval – because I don’t want to make different decisions from others!

One of the very persuasive points is that, if I really want to know if I should run my own business, how come I just ask the people who is working for others, but not ask those who are already running their own companies?

How can I make a sound decision if I just ask for opinions from the people surrounding me who might have ZERO ideas of entrepreneurship?

STOP CARING What Other People Think

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I am sure most of my friend will laugh at me when they know I am writing this blog without earning any money. They might also think I am idiot to share so many point of views on learning how to become successful and experience and knowledge of Accounting.

If they were me, they would just take some rest after work, maybe playing some games, or watching movies, or hanging out with friends. They never understand me why I try to listen to so many audible books on being successful, or watching so much Youtube videos from so many entrepreneurs from around the globe, who they think might be some sort of scams?

If I followed their thought, I would turn into one of them, and then never OWN anything in my life before I die. Eventually, I would have a stereotype life just like most of my friends.

Is it what I really want? I really doubt it.

We OWN our lives, and we should take accountability on it. No matter what decision we make, others will only be the audience of it, and most of the time they don’t need to bear the consequences. We DO. So do we REALLY want to let others to control our lives?

Or shall we start taking back the control of our own lives?

Last but not least, here is the sharing from Ed Mylett on stopping caring other people think. Enjoy!


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