Idea 022: Fear v. Insecurity

“How can I qualify to teach other people accounting when I don’t have Big 4 working experience, or when I haven’t studied Master degree of Accounting?” most of the time I have similar thoughts, even when sometime I wrote some blog posts about accounting standards.


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Sound familiar? It is just like a person who thinks he / she is not qualified to be a supervisor, and yet his / her boss wants to promote him / her to be a team leader. Of course that guy might never be any team leader before, but that doesn’t mean that the guy is no capable of taking that role.

Similarly, it is true that I don’t have work experience in Big 4, meaning I didn’t have exposure as much as other auditors, but that doesn’t mean that I cannot write any blog post on accounting. After all, those blog posts are just my sharing of my understanding on accounting.

This is actually the way of thinking of Asian people – they are always doubtful on different perspectives. They are doubtful on their abilities, on future uncertainties, on many kind of difficulties, on other people and on themselves.

On one hand, this sceptical mindset makes them well prepared to different issues; on the other hand, this mindset always make them feel insecure.

Frankly, insecurity might not be something good because it will become hurdles on your way to the success. The more insecure ones feel, the more ones will be hesitated, the harder ones can move forward.

We should pay attention to fear, not insecurity

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Imagine when I wanted to run my own business, I would first look for some business ideas and the way to run the business. I might consider using the Internet to provide some services to others, or buying some products to sell to those in need.

If I considered the former, I would then consider if I would use Youtube to do some online courses, or write some blogs for knowledge sharing. If I consider the later, I would think of what has been trendy recently and the amount of money required.

Then I would be worried about a lot of things, eg, I might not be able to design an attractive website, I am not good at writing, I don’t have sufficient cash on hand to buy some inventories, I might not be able to compete with the existing competitors…….

All the doubt will eventually combine and become our insecurity, and we will end up persuade ourselves that it is not the best time to start my own business. Better go back to work for others…..

This is not fear but only insecurity. Insecurity shows lack of confident, which leads us to nothing but failure.

So what is fear? Fear is nothing to do with confidence but our emotion towards some dangerous things. Fear is our instinct reaction to something that might hurt us, so we need to pay attention to fear.

If we focus on our fear, we can avoid something bad happen in our lives, which will lead us to success. However, if we focus on our insecurity, we will be lack of confidence to everything, and eventually couldn’t achieve anything.

It is important to distinguish between fear and insecurity

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By distinguishing fear and insecurity, we will be able to identify real threat. For example, being afraid of public speaking is not real threat but only our insecurity, and we should overcome this lack of confidence or we will not go to the next level.

However, investing large sum of money on something we don’t understand is fear and that might end up losing everything. Therefore, we need to pay attention to that.

Last but not least, this is Ed Mylett’s (one of the most successful entrepreneur in USA) sharing on fear and security. It is worth to listen to.


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