Idea 023: Entrepreneurial Nutrients

If you are living, you need nutrition to survive. No one can survive without eating properly. In order to live healthily, we need to eat sufficient protein, vitamins, minerals, fats, water and carbohydrates. Building a proper entrepreneurial mindset also needs nutrients.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

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The nutrient is mainly the sharing from different successful entrepreneurs from different sources.

This is what I am doing right now – everyday I spent time on watching different Youtube videos from different successful entrepreneurs, and listening to audio books about different business topics. I am doing this because I know how easy people can forget things.

Remember when I studied at college, I always found hard time memorizing things. I needed to read like ten times on average before I can remember some knowledge from the books. You may say that this might be due to some wrong studying methods I was using, but that is how I learn things.

Since then I realize I need to study the same thing over and over again before I can memorize it, but still in short-term memory.

However, at least I am better than David Goggins who need to read tens of thousands of times before he could memorize knowledge. If you want to know more, I strongly suggest you to read his book “Can’t Hurt Me“.

No, it doesn’t matter how many time we need to memorize things, but do we have the heart to try to memorize things. That also suggest how important that things is to us.

I admit that an entrepreneurial mindset is getting important to me.

Listen more, learn more, so that we can move ahead of others

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That is why I keep watching the Youtube video from Evan Carmichael. Not that he can share a lot of unqiue insight of how to become a successful entrepreneur, but he always summarize A LOT OF videos that includes the qualification of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

To be honest, those are my entrepreneurial nutrients.

From his video, I can hear a lot of sharing from different successful people like him, Dan Lok, Tony Robbins, Simon Sinek, Gary Vaynerchuk, Ed Mylett, Grant Cardone, David Goggins, Kobe Bryant, Elon Musk, etc. I learnt the importance of not giving up, taking actions, being discipline, staying focus, staying hungry, training our minds, etc.

More importantly, I learnt that having an entrepreneurial mindset is the first step to success.

This is not easy to a lot of people, especially to Asian people who have been taught to work for others throughout their lives.

Yes, my parent always told me to study harder in order to get to the University, where I can get a graduate certificate which help me find a good job in a big company, and then work extremely hard to earn money.

Now I know I always have another way out. Although this is a tougher way out, I can still see it.

Not an easy path, so we need the nutirents

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It is never an easy path to become an entrepreneur. I am still some employee of a local medium size company. However, at least I know I can have another option.

But knowing is one things, keeping your mindset is another.

Imagine if you wanted to join a Marathon. You needed train for it, but after you train for few months, you still couldn’t complete half of it. What would you do next? Most likely you would quit, and told yourself that you were not suitable to run a Marathon. Why don’t we just stay at home and enjoy the TV shows on Netflix?

Imagine again if you wants to build a great body shape. You paid for gym room membership and went there few days per week. After a few months, you still couldn’t see some transformation of your body, then you might feel exhausted and wanted to quit.

Same applies here. Being an entrepreneur is very hard, not to mention a successful entrepreneur. It might take years to reach certain level, that is why a strong entrepreneurial mindset is important to get us through a lot of hard time in our lives, and that mindset can only be maintained by giving it sufficient nutrients.

But building an entrepreneurial mindset is only a beginning. There are a lot to do to become successful.


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