Idea 020: Everyone Sucks at First Time

Remember years ago when I started to write my blog, I felt hesitated because I didn’t have special writing skills or good stories to share. I thought there was no point to write anything when there was no one to read. Eventually I started my first blog post just because I really wanted to write something…

We Suck? So What?

Photo by Walid Hamadeh on Unsplash

Everyone Sucks at their first time.

This is not a secret and everyone knows it. Remember when we first learn how to walk, how to talk, how to use chopsticks to eat, how to read, how to use computers…..we didn’t do it right at the first time. But guess what, did we give up immediately? No, we just do it again, again and again, until some days later we can walk without falling down, we can talk and others can understand, we can read and absorb knowledge….

We somehow master the skills.

When we see some successful people we tend to see what they achieved, but we forgot to see they all once sucked at their first time. A Youtuber who has millions of subscribers and can always give inspiring speeches might suck at this first hundreds of Youtube video, and a successful entrepreneur who has millions worth of business might have failed on his / her first few businesses.

Then what are the reasons behind all of those success stories? Maybe because they are talented? They are lucky? They have found good help? These are some of the reasons, but for me, the biggest reason of getting successful is that they were willing to get started.

They are willing to get started even they expected to suck at their first time. They expected to fail at the beginning.

Expect Sucks at the First Time

Evan Carmichael is one of my favourite entrepreneurs in the world. Of course what he has achieved cannot be compared to what Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Michael Jordan have achieved, but there is always some special impact on me when I am watching his videos. He can always let the audiences believe what he believes.

This is one of his videos which is worth listening to. In this video he said we should expect sucks at our first time.

Yes, unless we are genius, we will not delivery wonderful work at our first time. The good news is, we can improve from time to time. After thousands of practices, we could master the skill and become successful.

In other words, getting successful implies taking a first step. If we never willing to take our first step, we can never be successful.

Half year ago when I decided to write my blog in English, I started with fear. It is because my mother language is not English but Chinese, and I am not good at English writing as well. So how dare I use my second language to write something? Shouldn’t I be worried about being laugh at when I wrote some bad posts? or even no one wanted to read them at all?

Yes, I did feel worried about it, but I still wanted to try, because English is a international language and if I write something in English I can share my way of learning and my other thoughts to more people. This is my ultimate goal.

I know it might take years to let other people to find my posts and learn something from them, but I still wanted to try, because if I always fear of failure at first, I can never be successful.

For those who have chance to read this blog post, I hope you can start doing things you are long to do. You will get my support.


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