Idea 017: Keep Reminding Yourself of THE Big Dream

Recently I have been working on the company budget and annual audit for my company. I have worked so hard that I really want to take some rest after work, hanging around in my home and do nothing. As a result, I haven’t been updating my blog for months…

Too Focus On Work

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When year 2020 has come, I have set several resolutions for myself, one of which is to write a post every two days if not daily. I haven’t restricted the themes of my posts. They could be about my daily work, my learning from mistakes, my knowledge sharing, etc. I will be glad as long as I push myself to write regularly.

However, I have been manipulated by my busy work and forgotten the resolution I have made for this year.

On one hand, I have to put 100% energy on my work because I am paid to complete those tasks. I will not forgive myself if I haven’t tried my best on work and things turns out to be unsatisfied to my boss.

On the other hand, I know that I will be exhausted at home if I spent 100% energy on my work in the daytime. As a result, this slows down my blog writing.

Although it has been only 30+ days since the beginning of year 2020, I already see myself turning back into the guy who only focuses on work and ignores other things & interests.

I believe this already rings the alarm.

People need to focus more on themselves

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Most of us get lost in the world once we start working in this society. Somehow this society keeps reminding us to always devote ourselves to others.

For example, people who are working in offices need to devote their time and energy to the companies. Waiters need to devote their dignity to customers in the restaurant. Teachers need to devote their families for other families’ kids. As a result, we cannot devote ourselves to our own stuff.

Surprisingly, most of us agree with this arrangement and keep doing this for the rest of our lives.

The important question we should ask ourselves is that, “do we really have nothing to achieve for ourselves?” I don’t think so. I believe that we all have different interests and goals to achieve. We are just too busy to give up what we really want to do.

That is why we need to start focusing on ourselves before it is too late.

Daily reminders of THE big dream

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It is all about comfort zone.

Sometimes we enjoy keeping themselves busy because we can see ourselves achieve something every day. We might be tired, but we still want to do that, because we are already in our comfort zone (get used to the busy work).

If we are doing so, we will eventually forget the big dream we are long for.

We might want to write some blogs for sharing, or run our own businesses, or cook some delicious food for the loved ones. All of these are great dream, and it will be a pity if we give them up for the work we are doing.

Therefore, we need to remind ourselves the dreams we are long for, and it is important to pursue those dreams instead of the work in front of us. Work will never end as long as we are working in our companies, but our dream will end when we are getting old and no longer have energy to achieve things.

Eventually, we will live in lives that we didn’t plan to live before. Some dull, boring lives.

We don’t want that! We done want that! We don’t want that!

Let’s start doing what we want to do now!


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