Idea 015: Change Your Mindset

I have joined the gym recently. My personal trainer tells me to adjust my mindset when he teach me to use different machines in safe. He says that I have been using wrong muscles and wrong posture before that would bring harm to my body.

Change of Mindset?

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For example, when I lift weights, I should make sure that my back is completely straight throughout the exercise even when I am bending down. My head and spine should form one straight line and my lower back should not be jutting out. By doing so, I can stay away from injuries.

However, Throughout the year I have been doing it wrongly by bending my back during weight lifting like most of the people, and my muscle has already memorised this wrong posture. I need to stay focus on my form and posture when I am lifting weights.

“You should adjust your mindset first,” My personal trainer keeps remaining me, “Everything comes from your mindset. If you don’t adjust your mindset, if you don’t change what you believe, you will end up doing the same wrong posture.

If I heard this few years ago, I might think this is not correct – the way I do and the way I think can be different. How come I need to change the way I think before I take action?

Right Mindset Is Importance

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Few months ago when I had a discussion with my friends, an experienced businessman, on how a business performance was, I analysed the Profit and Loss account just like I did in my company.

I commented on the Revenue and Expenses, and how the business was done in the past 6 months. I said the business was good and the rate of return was about 10%.

My friend didn’t say anything but laughed at me. He then told me that I was wrong about everything. I was shocked about his comment, because I have been using the same technique in my work. If I have been doing it wrong, my boss would have told me.

My friend further explained to me that I should not weight a business from accounting point of view but investment point of view. When talking about business, what investors are concerned are only money inflow and outflow, so almost all of the investment decision should be based on money. However, my analysis on that business was based on Profit and Loss account which contained some non-cash items.

As a result, I overestimated the actual expenses from the business and underestimated the rate of return of investment. “I wouldn’t invest on that business if the rate of return was only 10%,” He said,” I decided to invest in that business because I saw 30%+ rate of return back then.”

Later when I told the same story to my ibank friend of mine, and he gave me the same comment. By that time, I started believing the importance of a right mindset.

No Change of Right Mindset Equals Failure

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In the past few months I have been watching tens of thousands of Youtube videos, articles and books prepared / written by successful entrepreneurs. I figured a lot of successful entrepreneurs have different mindset than normal people. Those mindset help them win the competition.

For example, successful entrepreneurs encourage people not to afraid of failure. The more the failure they experienced, the more they can learn from and the higher possibility they will be successful. However, people working for others tend to avoid failure because more failure means more blame and complaint from their managers, and higher possibility of getting fired eventually.

Besides, successful entrepreneurs focus on ideas and visionary. They need to see the big picture and see whether they are on the right direction. Because of this, they sometimes see the breakthrough and new ideas. However, people working for others tend to focus on work and procedures, and see if the work is feasible. In that sense, they tend to follow the reality.

If we are using normal mindset to do entrepreneurship, we will definitely fail because we cannot adapt the uncertainty and changes in the entrepreneurship.

Now you know the importance of choosing the right mindset.


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