Idea 013: You will NEVER get prepared

I remember back to the day I took the HKICPA examinations, I never felt myself well prepared before I entered the examination halls. Even after I spent DAYS on study, I still felt nervous that I might get fail.

Always Getting Ready?

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It turns out that I passed the 5 papers successfully in 2 years. Even so, if I had another chance to take another examination, I would have the same worry in my mind.

“How can we get well-prepared before we do anything?” This is one of the most frequently asked questions I have to myself. However, I always fail to get the answers.

A lot of self-help books always say that we should always be well-equipped so that when the opportunities show up, we can grab that and become successful. This is a very good in a perfect world, except that we are not living in one.

How can one be well-equipped when we have no ideas what opportunities are going to show up in front of us? Well, one may say that we could always learn more. For example, we can always improve our English so that we can explore overseas career opportunities if available. Besides, we can always improve our communication skills so that we can meet a lot of friends who might help us in the future.

Does it mean that we cannot do anything if we are not well-equipped?

We NEVER Get Prepared

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It is preferable to do one thing when we KNOW how to do it, just like if we have manager experience, we will have higher chance to be employed as Managers. However, I don’t think that should limit our ways to success if we have less/no skills/experience.

My boss was one of the top ibankers before he decided to run his own business few years ago. Although he knows how to valuate businesses and companies, he wasn’t an expert in running business.

Last year he found a seemingly profitable opportunities overseas and decided to acquired that business. However, he didn’t have much experience on acquisition of overseas business. As a result, he later found out he didn’t complete the acquisition in an acceptable way and needed to spend much more money to fix some legal and accounting issues.

I believe If he could do the acquisition one more time, he would try very best on pre-acquisition preparation to make sure everything is fine before the acquisition was closed. However, this is not reasonable as we cannot plan for everything before we do action.

Does it mean that we cannot start on anything if we think we are not well-prepared? I don’t think so. Not only we should not be stopped by this kind of mindset, we should also take action with Do-it-right-away attitude.


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If we keep telling ourselves we should not take action before we are well-prepared, we will procrastinate.

Just like we don’t exercises because we don’t think our bodies are ready for the exercises. As a result, we have poor bodies. Again, we don’t read English books / listen to English audible books because we don’t think we have good English level. As a result, we cannot improve our English at all.

What if we decided to take actions even if we are not prepared? What worst can it be? Yes, we will make mistakes and get blamed by our bosses, or we might get hurt sometimes. However, what will happened next?

We will LEARN from our mistakes, and make ourselves better people we are long for!

I am sure we don’t like mistakes, but we don’t want to stay in the same level in our whole lives as well. We can always do what we know how to do, and do it perfectly, but then we will never grow. If we need to do hard works, we need to forget about the concept of getting well-prepared.

By doing things we are not well-prepared for, we will learn a lot more from the mistakes we made, and experience much more growth than others.


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