Idea 012: You’re the Average of the FIVE People You Spend the MOST Time With

Recently I have figured out that my Facebook posts have been in line with my interest and thought. When I look into those posts, I found that almost 95% of my Facebook posts match my mind…

We Are Alike

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I know that Facebook always analyse users viewing habit and friends circles, and then automatically provide similar posts to users. This helps Facebook users to see most posts or advertisements similar to their interests, attracting them to stick to Facebook.

I personally have no comment on that. I just wonder how come there are a lot of people out there with different political viewpoints but I couldn’t see any in my Facebook.

This shows that most of my Facebook friends have the same political viewpoint as mine.

In fact, this doesn’t happen only in Facebook. In reality, the friends surrounding me have similar backgrounds and personalities as mine. For example, we might not study in the same degree at University, but we like to enjoy similar food together.

One Takes the Behaviour of One’s Company

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There is a Chinese saying, “One takes the behaviour of one’s company(近朱者赤,近墨者黑)”. It means we tend to become someone else when we are close to someone.

When I studied in high school I saw some of the classmates from other classes turned into bad guys because they joined / were forced to join some gangs. People in those gangs always bully others, trying to prove to others that they are the one with power.

Those classmate of mine were just naughty before they joined the gangs, who I thought could change with some push. They were walking on the wrong road after they joined the gangs, and there is no turning back. I can just watch them, feeling useless and sad to see that happened.

From that time, I know that we will be affected by our surroundings and become the people that our surrounding what us to be.

Path to be Successful? Find those Who Have The Same Goals

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In my previous company I met this technical guy called Brian. He was so intelligent and taught me a lot of things technical and non-technical. how can he do it?

He has been pushing himself to learn since he studied on board 10+ years ago, and he learnt how to be independent and the importance of self development. You may say this might be because of his attitude and personalities, but this is also related to his friends.

He told me that he saw a lot of his friends getting successful and became top of the top in their fields. This gave him some positive mindset to learn from them.

He learnt a lot in his own technical field and also in other field that he didn’t get involved before, for example, Occupational Safety and Health.

It seems that the saying of “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with” has its stand point. After all, we all unconsciously learn from our surrounding.

We might turn to terrible people if we are surrounded by bad people, or we might become wonderful people if we are surrounded by hardworking guys.

What if we don’t have many extraordinary friends? I think it still works if we go to Youtube and watch a lot of videos about successful people. This is exactly what I am doing now.


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