Idea 010: “Welcome to Audible”

It has been a long time since I found myself learning new things. Every day when I come to work, the first thing I do right after turning on the laptop is to put on my headset, and open the “” page…

Late Access to Audible Books

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Audible book is not a new term for me. I have heard this type of books for a few years, but I never have the gut to start listening. The reason is very simple – I am not confident to listen to audible books.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t experience anything bad with audible books. I just don’t have much faith on my English listening skill. Although there are still Chinese audible books, most of the audible book I would pick are recorded in English.

So what gives me the courage to try audible book? It’s the member benefit of audible book – that I can exchange for an audible book with 1 free credit.

By that time I thought, “why don’t I give it a try?”. Given that I have been listening to Youtube channels for months, listening to videos prepared by different entrepreneur like Dan Lok, Nate O’Brien, Evan Carmichael, etc, without subtitles, I thought I might be prepared to my new journey – audible books.

More Efficient on Learning than Traditional Books

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I won’t describe myself as a bookworm, and I wasn’t really into reading than watching Netflix in recent years. However, I do enjoy reading, especially plenty of successful people have been encouraging others to read as much as possible.

I do admit that I have learnt a lot from reading.

For me, one of the difficulties stop me from reading is that it takes time to read. If I am reading Chinese, of course I can read much faster than reading English, but I still need to spend a lot of time solely on reading. Hence I will have no time doing other things.

Another difficult is that I might forget what I read after a while. Clearly I am not quite capable of memorising words from reading.

Audible books help resolve these difficulties. Once I turn on the audible book, I can do other things such as working while I am listening. Sometimes I am too focused on work that I don’t listen to the book, but I can always repeat the audible book later.

Say if I am listening to an audible book which last for 5 hours, I can spend a day listening to it, and then listen to it again tomorrow to get some important points again from the book. This help memorise the content of the books as well.

Welcome to the New World of Audible

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There are a lot of other advantages of listening to audible books. First of all, we can buy those books at discounted price and most of them are less expensive than kindle versions or paperback versions. Sometimes we can also enjoy big sale (eg, Black Friday Sale) on certain audible books.

Secondly, we can practise our English listening skills. Of course we can practise our reading skills as well when reading traditional books, but nowadays people’s listening skills are far worse than their reading skills in general.

Thirdly, when compare to watching Youtube channels, we can learn from a more structured system from audible books than from the Youtube videos.

Although there are tons of high quality and knowledgeable Youtube videos out there, some of them are not well structured and cannot deliver in-depth knowledge to us. In this sense, books are written in more structured way in general.

Now I would like to recommend all of you to start investing yourselves and listening to audible books. I believe this will bring you big positive impact to your lives, and you will not regret in your whole lives.


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