Idea 009: Heart Beating Moment

I recall when I first tried roller coaster in theme park I was so afraid. At first, I thought I was going to die when the roller coaster started to accelerate. Then, it gave me the feeling of flying on the sky, and I loved it…

Heart Beating is Good

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It turned out that I was right to get on the roller coaster. In fact, I would not have any chance to feel myself flying on the sky just like a bird.

This reminds me of the CFO of my previous company. He used to arrive at the office very early in the morning. When I first saw him I though, “No way! How come a senior management like him need to come to work so early?”

I didn’t know where I got this nerve, but I decided to go say “Hi” to him. While I was walking towards his room, my heart was beating hard. I didn’t know if I was going to do something wrong and stupid.

And that’s the start of my learning journey with my CFO. It turned out he was so impressed about me coming to the office so early everyday and dare to reach out to him.

People don’t do this every often, especially in Hong Kong.” He said. Yes, my heart was still beating hard when I was talking to him. However, I think I have done the right thing.

Fear is a Wonderful Thing

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When we feel we have strong heartbeat, it’s either we just exercised or we are afraid of something.

Actually it is a good signal if we feel our heartbeat because it means we are doing something which is making us nervous.

To be more precise, we are doing something new, and it is good to do something new.

“New” means challenges. It means we haven’t done it before, and we are stepping out our comfort zone to learn new things.

We cannot always stay in our comfort zone and doing what we have been doing for long time. Of course we are so confident to do something we used to do, but that will not bring us growth. In order to improve ourselves, we have to learn something new.

We HAVE to do IT!

Photo by Yüksel Göz on Unsplash

Growth is necessary in our lives because we always need to handle surprise.

You might say you love what you are having right now – a nice house, a good job, a reasonable salary, a few good friends, etc. What if you lose them all over a night? What if your company goes bankrupt and you cannot find new jobs with similar payroll in short period of time? What if your friends have immigrated overseas?

That’s why we need to grow in order to deal with the surprises in our lives. We have to take up new skill so that we are always well prepared to look for better jobs. We have to dare to meet new friends so that we can learn from different people.

Yes, we all need heart beating moment, need to learn new things, and need to overcome the fear.

I am still learning how to do it, and I am sure we can do it together, so that we can embrace a better future together! Let’s spend 13 minutes for the following video:

“…If you only do easy things and you stay what you’ve been doing forever.” Evan Carmichael


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