Idea 008: Small Steps Towards Success

When I was young, I thought it was hard to study in University. I never thought I could have accomplished this…

Small Steps Are Important

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I felt very difficult to believe in myself studying at University. Most of the time, people around me always said that it was very hard to get high scores in the public examinations.

I could give up so easily without some trying but I didn’t. Then, I scheduled my daily study in order to deal with the examinations.

I prepared my study schedule in a way that I can study different subjects every night, and spent much more time on certain subject every weekends.

Besides, I tried to collected as many past examination papers as possible so that I could train my speed of answering those papers.

I also analysed the pattern of examination questions over the years. As a result, I could identify the rare topics and hot topics. I learnt how the scores will be earned from different answers.

So you can see me break down the big goal into small goals. By doing so, I finally got passed the examinations and studied my desired subject at University.

Small Success Each Time

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My friend A just started working out at gym few months ago. He always wanted to go to gym because he wanted to have better body shape, but he was too lazy to go to gym room.

Eventually he went to gym room and made a yearly subscription in order to push himself to work out. He also hired a personal trainer to train himself.

Half year later, he started to get fit and firm muscle. How did he do that?

Did he train every part of the body every day? Did he go to gym room every day? Or did he lift up 20+ kg Dumbbells everyday?

It turns out he was doing a set of workout step by step, doing different parts of the body in different days, and then took some rest after 1 to 2 days workout so as to allow his muscle to recover.

He followed the easiest set of exercises first, and took the challenge of something harder later.

That is the reason why he can keep working out at gym room – Instead of looking for fast lane to shape his body, he has been using the slow lane and achieve small success every time.

There is NO Elevator to the Top

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Believe me or not, there is no elevator to the top, except you might be one of the super genius in the world. I you are the normal person like me, you need to admit it.

Remember when you were a baby, how could you crawling lift up yourself, learn how to walk with your foot, and handle all these challenges?

You tried many times without giving up no matter how many time you fell down, no matter how many times you got hurt.

The truth is, you might try to stand up for a second and then fell, and you were successful to stand up for a second. Then you tried to stand up for 2 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minutes…. and then you try to walk.

You could walk successfully because you accumulate a lot of success of standing and walking for short period of time, and that is the way to learn thing, that is the way to achieve success.

Last but not least, let’s spend 5 minutes watching this video.

“…As I wanted to develop me I have to be willing to climb and I wanted to get to the top and there’s no elevator to the top.” by Lisa Nichols


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