Idea 007: Myth of Multi-tasking

A is very tired because he is working on several tasks with tight deadlines. B, being A’s boss, doesn’t offer any help because B believes people nowadays need to be capable of multi-tasking in order to survive in this society…

Myth of Multi-tasking

You may think I am telling a story. Yes, I just made it up, but the truth is this is more than just a story because this happens in our society.

I just went to jobs portal and randomly searched for openings, and I saw the following requirements in some openings:

Assistant Marketing Manager (SME – channel marketing) – Telecommunications: Highly proactive and self-motivated, able to work independently and handle multi-tasks

Personal Assistant: Ability to manage multi-tasking

Risk Management Manager – Credit Risk Stress Test: Strong analytical mind, independent, good problem-solving and multi-tasks handling ability

It looks like people nowadays really expect people to work on different tasks at the same time.

I am not sure why they expect people capable of multi-tasking – maybe because of too much work? or in short of manpower? I just don’t buy this.

Focus on ONE THING at a time

The above 12 minutes video is talking about how important we need to be focus on one thing at a time. Actually not only do these successful people say it, normal people should also learn about this in their life.

Imagine when you were kids and you were sitting at the dining room doing your homework. Your Mum suddenly came to the dining room and turned on the TV. It turned out it’s broadcasting one of your favourite drama. Do you think you could watch the TV when you were doing your homework?

Imagine when you already had a very lovely girlfriend A but you also had a crush on girl B. You eventually win girl B’s heart when she told you that she didn’t mind to be the other woman. You really think that you can treat both girls nice at the same time without your girlfriend A finding out?

It is common sense that we can do great job when we are focusing on one particular job. If people are telling you that you should be capable of multitasking, either they are stupid to think this is going to work, or they hate you so much that they want you to be dead eventually.

Focus is the Key to Success

Photo by Paul Skorupskas on Unsplash

Why people always fail to build up their own businesses when they are working in full time basis? It is because they cannot put all their effort, time and attention towards their businesses. Only by being focus on one thing can they

That is why when people is going to try their road to Entrepreneurship, they’d better be prepared and quit their job.

This is actually why there are so many people working on different tasks in a company – It is because no one can do everything at one time. In order to get accomplishment, people need to cooperate and work together, focusing on the task they are good at.

Then, how to get prepared?

For example, they should have some saving for around 6 months first, so that they will still be fine when they can earn $0 money in the coming 6 months. Or they should know what they are going to do before they quit, instead of quitting the jobs and cutting their only source of income.

Only by doing so can you be successful.


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