Idea 006: Secret of Success – Hardworking

My Colleague, A, once shared a screenshot in the whatsapp group. I can see nothing two football teams’ names, a bunch of data for gambling and a 6-figures amount…

Hardworking on something

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It turned out that is one of the recent gambling football matches, and A won 6 figures from it. A is a shy guy who always works silently, but everyone knows that Sam is a professional gambler.

I once talked to him and he shared his background to me. He has been gambling for a few years and he spent much more time in recent months because he had to earn more for mortgage repayment and maintain his monthly expenses.

I asked him how much did he earn every month on average, he told me that he earn HK$ 200k on average, and this was also his monthly target. He could have quit the work but he needed the job for some other reasons.

I was really surprised about A’s background. I was curious if he was never afraid of losing? He told me that he didn’t feel anything anymore when he lost the game, as long as he won’t lose HK$ 2m or more.

He then stressed that he didn’t “play the games” but “professionally worked on gambling”. Everyday he spent a lot of time studying the data related to different gambling games, trying to analyse the situation before he bet on the side.

He was so confidently on his own analytical mind and his experience.

Do things poorly until we do them well

Recently I have been listening to a lot of successful people about their success stories and their sharing on success. One of the most successful people, Dan Pena, shared his view that, “Most successful people do it poorly until they do it well.

“Things should be done poorly until they can be done well – 17 times before absorbed.”

This is exactly about the concept of “Practice Makes Perfect” we have been hearing when we were in our childhood.

Yes, that reminds me of the old days when I dealt with the public exams every time (the ones before I went to University and the one for CPA) – I had collected as many past exam papers as I could, worked on them and checked my answers with the model answers.

Most of the questions within the examination scope were very similar. I might answer them wrong in my first trial, second trial or third trial, but when I saw similar questions in my tenth time, I knew the answers already.

Practice Makes Perfects

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Similarly, I had no ideas what to write 10 years ago when I started my first blog post in Chinese, but after I read a lot of books and articles, I started to learn the skills to read blog articles, knowing how to organize my thoughts into every single blog post.

Dan Pena was right that as long as we keep trying we will be successful. However, he also said that this is not something everyone can do because not everyone can work so hard before he/she captures his/her success.

I think that depends on how desperate you want to be successful. If you want to be as successful as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Dan Pena, you will know what to do.


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