Idea 005: Passive Income vs Financial Confidence

While others are listening to music when they are working, I am listening to different kind of self-help Youtube videos in order to learn more, and then I found him…

My belief on passive income

Ryan Scriber is one of the well-known Youtuber who teaches the basics of investing as well as personal finance skills on his channels. He has 48k+ subscribers on his Youtube Channel now and gets 10k+ views on average per each video.

He spent quite a lot of time talking about passive income, which is not a new term to me actually. I have heard of this idea from Rich Dad Poor Dad already, and I know that is the key to financial freedom of my life.

Passive income is basically letting money work for us, so that we can earn money even when we are sleeping. When we have built solid ground of passive income, we will have financial freedom.

When I first heard of this idea, I thought this was an incredible idea because throughout my life what I was told was to work hard to earn more money. Clearly there is another way to make money.

This is one of the most popular videos of Ryan about passive income:

Passive Income might be a myth

Until one day when I accidentally watched Ryan’s interview with a guy called Dan Lok, I had doubt on this passive income concept. There is no problem on this passive income concept, but whether this passive income concept can really help us achieve financial freedom.

What if one day when we wake up, the world has changed and all the rules are changed, and the sources of passive income we have been depending on has different rules?

What if we can earn no dividend from stock market? What if we cannot earn money from making Youtube video anymore?

What if the whole Internet no longer exists over a night?

Let’s hear what Dan said:

Financial Confidence is the key to success

After I watched this interviews, I started to watch more Dan’s videos, and I found that one of his ideas was really the key to success, which is Financial Confidence.

Basically, the idea of Financial Confidence is about our confidence to earn money from everywhere, so that when we no longer earn money from the existing sources, we are still confident to earn money from elsewhere.

I think this can help us achieve financial freedom as we are no longer worried about our lives anymore if we are financially confident. We know exactly what to do to tackle all the financial problem in our lives.

So how can we get this confidence? I don’t think anyone can give us the answers because we have different lives and different skill sets. The only way to find the answers is to think more, learn more, explore more.

When we know that we have no concerns quitting the work and start to build our own business confidently, we know we start to get the answers.

Here is how Dan interprets the concept of Financial Confidence:

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    1. Thanks for your comment! It means a lot to me!

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    1. Hi, actually I just chose one of the free themes wordpress has offered when I built this site, and picked the color I liked.

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      You should also take care of yourself!

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