Idea 000: The Pursuit of Success

I have been pursuing for success for 10+ year, and now I am still looking for it. I think I can use writing to organise the ideas I have learnt.

10+ years ago, when I first graduated from University, I thought I could achieve some success in couple of years.

At that time I was a little kid who truly believed that a kid who had a certificate of University graduation could easily be successful, and I was wrong – a certificate of University graduation could merely be a entry ticket of this society, and afterwards we were on our own.

As a result, I have been moving forwards without what I expected – the power of certificate of University graduation – and struggling for the Success for 10+ years and I am still looking for that.

Of course being successful or not can be a philosophical questions. It can simply mean how much one can earn from one’s career or from one’s business, or it can mean how much satisfaction one can have from one’s life. It depends on what one wants to achieve in one’s life.

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For me, I would like to first of all earn more money and build a better career, before moving on to the higher level such as spiritual / philosophical level. That’s why over the decade I have been reading a lot of articles shared by a lot of people over the world.

However, there is no point if I just read those ideas without really digest them and use them some days in my life. I think this is the main reason why I start this blog – to record what I have learnt from others by sharing those ideas with my own words, with my own opinion.

And to avoid advertisement, I surly won’t disclose the names or the websites where I got those ideas, but I am sure those ideas are so common that all of us should have heard of them somewhere, we just always miss them.

I hope by writing on those ideas I can re-build my mindset and figure how I can make use of those ideas to achieve my own success, and also give YOU a chance to grab YOUR own success.

Are YOU ready?


If you want to know more about what I have learnt from other successful people, you can click the below link. This could the one of the life-changing articles for you:

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