Idea 004: Believe in yourself / your work

“A good leader is someone who believes in what the company does. He must have faith in it – if he doesn’t, it’ll never work,” – Harry Triguboff

Believe in your work

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My boss N is always sitting in front of his Macbook, either reading a lot of data from many reports or analysis or having calls with different investors or vendors. He can isolate himself from others the whole day and focus on his work.

To me, he is just like Harry Triguboff, who is a Chinese-born Australian billionaire real estate developer, and one of Australia’s richest people.

Sometimes when I discuss the business with my boss, he always shows positive to the company’s future, just like he is so sure that the business model is going to work, and the company will expand to a leading multinational company in the industry.

Yes, he needs to have faith in the company, because he is the CEO, just like Harry who have always faith in his kingdom.

Believe in yourself as well

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Although Harry didn’t say he believed in himself in the interview, I believe this is also important, otherwise he will not be as successful as he is now.

Yes, one needs to believe in oneself before one can believe in the thing one has done.

This is also what my friend A is doing right now – he always believe in himself and thinks that he didn’t do anything wrong. He is so confident in himself that help him make a fortune in the past 10 years.

10 years ago, he believed he could be successful to step in real estate investment, and he never stopped believing in himself. Now he owns a lot of houses, and he is living happily with his wife and 3 kids. He proves to others that he was right.

Mindset is the key to success

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So what is the common factor of Harry, my boss N and my friend A? they all believe in themselves and what they have been doing, and now they are on the way to success (or, for Harry, he has already been successful).

Of course being successful requires a lot of factors like luck, capability, opportunities, etc, but I strongly believe that if one cannot believe in oneself, one can never have a taste of success.


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