Idea 002: Complex vs Simplicity (2)

My Boss, N, once showed me a report with 20 pages, containing a lot of graphs and analysis, saying that he has been receiving this report every week from a small team of 2 people…

In my last blog I shared some of my ideas on complex and simplification. If you miss it, you can read it here:

I raised an example that when they looked into a business and found a sudden drop of Revenue, they might try to interpret this with one or two reasons when there might be tons of reasons contributing to this result.

For me, I will try to consider as many factors as possible because, even there is different weighting for different factors, if I only make a judgement call based on my knowledge and experience, I might turn out wrong and suffer from my mistakes.

Complex allows people to choose

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Back to the conversation with my boss. I asked my boss, “Are you managed to read that weekly report and get what you want from it?”

N smiled and replied, “Of course I cannot, but I think it’s a good practice to read this kind of reports every week because I can get MANY information from this report, such as the market trend, the growth of business, etc.”

My boss worked in ibank and used to read a lot of data from difference sources, so there is no doubt that he is capable of absorbing information from complicated reports.

I was glad to share the same view as N. I know that more options brings difficulties on decision making, we can also have a better picture and understanding of the situation.

Complex is OK as long as it is organized

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Just like there are tens of thousand of Youtube videos for knowledge and opinion sharing, some are just 5 minutes short while some are an hour long.

You may think that people tends to watch the short ones because it is easy to digest, but a lot of people actually like the long ones because there they can absorb more nutrients from those long videos.

I think, after all, it is about organisation of information – if ones can organise information in a god manner, people can easily get what they want from them, it does not matter whether the presentation is long or short, the information is too little or too much.

It will be fine as long as ones know what they want.


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  1. Kristy

    Why users still use to read news papers when in this technological globe the whole thing is existing on web?

    1. Delusionman

      Thanks for the reply! I think the main issue here is that there are a lot of content farm on the Internet.

      It is very easy to post something on the internet without any verification. Meanwhile, although it is pssible to have fake news on the newspapers, they tend to verify the news before they release those news.

      As a result, this makes the information on newspapers more reliable than that on the internet.

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